New Stock New Year 2022 (2 January 2022)

V104 Flintlock muff pistol by Atkins £295
V105 1845 Pattern Wilkinson SOLD
V106 Wilkinson Grenadier Guards sword 44210 1914 £525
V107 1845 Pattern VR by Milton £345
V109 Northumberland Fusiliers 1897 Pattern Hawkes Ed VII £595
V113 Superb Ivory grip orig s/knot 1796 style sword to Oxford Loyal Vols £1100
V118 GRV RA Officers sword £285
V119 1830 French artillery short sword (Coup choux) £215
V120 19thC European briquet £225
V121 1821 Pattern LC officers sword £295
V122 RA Officers sword £285
V123 Victorian police hanger £295
V124 Unusual S American hanger bowie style blade German made £425
V125 1821 Pattern LC Troopers sword SOLD
V126 1821 Pattern LC Troopers sword £425
V129 South African RA Officers sword £245
V130 1888 Lee Metford bayonet n/s SOLD
V132 French Chassepot bayonet SOLD
V139 19C European cavalry sword n/s £125
V140 Victorian sword - Indian made - heavy blade n/s £175
V141 Superb continental hunting hanger n/s £575
V142 1796LC Officers sabre £925
V144 Victorian Rifle officers sword £295
V145 Royal Naval officers sword £375
V146 Heiho - modified Kleewang £215
V147 Grenadier Guards sword SOLD
V148 1796HC dress sword £425
V149 European small sword Tomas Aiala Toledo blade £395
V152 RA officers sword by Burberry £295
V153 19C Cavalry sword - German made poss for US market £325
V154 1796LC officers sword MAYO marked blade £975
V155 1796LC officers sword -repair to hilt £675
V157 1803 style Flank Officers sword with dolphin pommel SOLD
V158 Victorian Rifle Volunteers sword Hawkes £360
V159 1908 Cavalry Troopers sword Enfield £450
V161 Georgian Naval warrant officers sword by Read Portsmouth £675
V162 Superb Georgian spadroon with ivory grip and engraved blade £1395
V163 Georgian spadroon with engraved blade £1100
V165 1796 Infantry Officers sword n/s £225
V166 1796 Infantry Officers sword n/s SOLD
V167 1897 Patt Inf officers sword by Alkit marked 2 CLY £275
V168 1897 Patt Inf officers sword Cater £195
V169 WmIV 1822 Patt Inf Off sword Webb £395
V170 1912 Patt Cav Officers sword Wilkinson n/s £275
V171 Victorian Police hanger Parker Field £275
V172 1831 Pattern mamaluke ivory hilt AF £450
V173 1845 Patt Inf off sword with owners initials £375
V175 1822 Pattern Gen/Staff Officers sword Pillin, owners coat of arms £695
V176 1796LC Officers sabre - good B&G Runkel blade SOLD
V177 1796LC troopers sabre - rough n/s £175
V178 1845 Patt Victorian Inf off sword £295
V179 1803 Patt Inf Off sword - hilt part missing n/s £295
V181 RAMC EDVII hilt, VR blade Hawkes SOLD
V182 1803 Patt Inf Off sword - B&G blade n/s SOLD
V183 Georgian 5 ball spadroon, ivory grip SOLD
V184 German 19C cavalry sabre £265
V185 1751 British Militia hanger by Craven Huntingdon marked £625
V186 18C hunting hanger with shell guard and staghorn grip £450
V187 1845 Patt Victorian Inf off sword £425
V188 1845 Patt Victorian Inf off sword £275
V189 Wilkinson RA Officers sword £275
V190 1845 Patt Victorian Inf off sword £325
V191 1888 Lee Metford bayonet £110
V192 Georgian 1800 Light company hanger n/s £525
V193 1856 Pattern Yataghan style bayonet £150
V194 1796 Infantry Officers sword n/s £225
V195 1796 Infantry Officers sword n/s no grip - restore project £150
V196 1788 style LC Officers sabre in leather/steel scabbard £975
V197 Superb 1803 Inf Off sword with orig s/knot and good B&G blade SOLD
V198 1803 Inf Off sword n/s SOLD
V199 1803 Inf Off sword n/s £575
V200 1821/96HC Off sword by Wilkinson 39354 to W Younger Sherwood Rangers £725
V201 1821 LC Troopers sword by Reddell - n/s with modern knot SOLD
V203 Victorian RA sword £275
V204 Victorian RA sword £225
V205 1908 Cavalry troopers sabre painted khaki South African issue £395
V206 1912 Cavalry Officers sword n/s £295
V207 1912 Cavalry Officers sword scabbard AF £325
V208 Royal Naval Officers sword GRVI SOLD
V210 1897 Pattern GRVI Off Sword Royal Marines £395
V211 1899 Pattern Cavalry Troopers sabre £450
V212 Superb and rare EIC Officers sword by Prosser £1100
V213 Prussian 1889 Patt Inf sword black hilt blade AF £275
V214 Prussian 1889 Patt Inf sword brass hilt blade AF £250
V215 French Cuirasser sword exc blade post 1815 £425
V216 French 1822LC sword dated 1830 grip AF £295
V217 Dutch Kleewang unmodified £325
V218 Victorian Rifle Officers sword £295

New Stock as at 21st November (21 November 2021)

All with scabbards unless marked n/s. British unless stated

801c Georgian sidearm with scabbard £475
807b 18th Century Hunting sword (n/s) £275
808 Wilkinson Heavy Cavalry Officers sword 26674 (1884) to Major Herbert Hoare £795
809 1788 LC Officers sword by Prosser
810 1796 HC Troopers sword £1525
811a London Scottish swagger stick £55
812b 1821 Pattern Heavy Cavalry Officers sword
V01 1885 Pattern Cavalry troopers sword £360
V05 French LC Officers sword engraved blade £825
V06 German 19th C Degen £275
V07 Scottish X-hilt unmarked blade £525
V08 1827 Pattern Rifle Officers sword, ERVII era £295
V10 Georgian hanger with ebony grip and intricate hilt £625
V16 1821 Patt LC Officers sword with maroon grip (Indian service ?) £425
V18 HAC officers sword £395
V19 Georgian sabre lion head pommel ivory grip n/s £450
V22-24 Ethiopian swords with horn hilts and decorated blades £395-450
V25 Wilkinson gymnasium sword n/s £185
V29 Victorian naval cutlass n/s £195
V30 Victorian Artillery Officers sword £275
V31 1821 Patt Heavy Cavalry sword EDVII era Hawkes £525
V33 1897 Pattern GRV era Army and Navy £295
V36 RN officers piquet weith sword Matthews £395
V37 1897 Patt GRV era London made £275
V38 1845 Patt Victorian Firmin £335
V39 Victorian band sword brass fittings £425
V42 Two Victorian Police hangers - Northumberland Constab. n/s £225 each
V43 1796 LC officers sword square langets n/s, blade flaw £475
V46 1845 Patt piquet sword Pillin £325
V47 1897 Patt GRV £265
V48 Victorian naval cutlass, chape replaced £360
V49 Royal Engineers brass hilted sword Monmouth Militia £525
V54 1897 Patt GRV era £195
V55 1821 Patt RA sword Wilkinson £325
V56 1845 Patt VR Buckmaster £325
V57 Victorian Rifle Regt Jacob £295
V58 RAMC EdVII era £275
V60 1845 Patt VR Ranken Culcutta £375
V61 1845 Patt VR Sutherland £495
V62 Georgian naval cutlass/prison hanger n/s £395
V63 1796 LC style hanger n/s SOLD
V66 Georgian Naval warrant officers sword £525
V69 1845 Patt VR £325
V70 19thC German States Off sword £425
V71 Georgian Naval officers dirk
V72 1796 LC officers sword B&G blade £1695
V74 Georgian cushion pommel ivory hilt sabre n/s £450
V81 Superb Georgian officers sabre £1950
V82 Georgian Naval style hanger steel mounts £995
V83 Georgian Naval style hanger Silver hallmarked 1787 £1695
V85 Superb VR mint blade Lancs RA officers sword named Lt Col. £750
V87 RN 1827 pipeback sword n/s £395
V89 1796 LC sword Woolley n/s £375
V90 French LC Officers sword circa 1830 Garde Nat Cheval etching £995
V91 French LC officers sword c1830 faded B&G £695
V96 19C German cavalry sword etched blade £325
V97 1897 Pattern VR Hawkes £260
V100 Victorian naval cutlass n/s £225
V101 1803 Patt officers sword in non matching Prosser scabbard £950
V103 Victorian Police hanger £225
V108 1897 Patt Ed VII £275
V111 Cut Steel British small sword with etched VR cypher £375
V114 VRI Rifle Reg sword by R Mole (3rd Gurhka Rifles) SOLD
V115 1805 Senior officers sword ivory hilt - chape and part leather absent £495
V116 Indian Cavalry Trooper sword dated 1891 £450
V117 1885 Patt Troopers sword marked Wilkinson and Mole £395

Current Stock (with scabbards unless stated) (1st July 2021)

Georgian and earlier
Scottish basket hilts (c1750) from £1600
1803 Pattern Infantry Officers sword from £1200
1788 Pattern British Troopers sword £895
1796 LC officers sword with blue & gilt blade and officers initials £2250
1796 LC officers sword with etched decoration £1350
1796 HC troopers sword £1595
1796 HC troopers swords without scabbards from £395
1796 Infantry officers sword from £495
Non-regulation Georgian officers sabres from £495
Naval dirks from £325

1885 Pattern British Cavalry Troopers swords from £350
Victorian Life Guards Officers sword £550
1897 Pattern British GRV Infantry sword from £180
Victorian 1845 pattern infantry swords from £275
Victorian police hangers from £200
Selection of naval cutlasses (6 with scabbards, 4 without)
Victorian naval dirks from £400
Victorian naval officers swords from £395
Victorian Rifle Regiment swords from £295

20th Century
Indian Mounted Artillery swords from £475
Scottish Basket hilt sword JR Gaunt £795
RN and RNR officers swords from £325

1822 Pattern Light Cavalry sabre from £300
18thC small swords from £250
19thC briquets from £225
19thC sidearms (Coup choux) from £185
1845 pattern infantry swords from £250
1821 pattern infantry swords from £300
19thC Naval officers sword Toledo blade £625


Imperial naval officers sword no scabbard £295
Blucher pattern sabres mid19C from £400

Kleewang (Heihos) from £215 And many others........