Stock update 27/6 (update 6/7 for solds) 27 June 2022

V426 1885 Patt Cavalry sabre in field leather scabbard £595
V427 18thC Military basket hilt by Jeffries n/s £2750
V428 1804 Pattern naval cutlass with GR and maker n/s £1100
V435 1796LC Officers by Woolley and Deakin Average condtn £995
V436 Superb 1796LC officers by Brunn, false damascus & gilt dectn £1795
V443 RA officers sword EIIR Wilkinson 102845, near mint £425
V444 Kleewang practice sword £195
V445 Victorian HC troopers cavalry sword n/s £295
V446 1889 Pattern Sgts sword GRV Fenton Bros £295
V449 1827 Rifle Regt Off sword VGC £360
V450 Georgian Spadroon St James Volunteers £995
V452 German WW1 butcher sawback bayonet £350
V453 Japanese WW2 Arisaka bayonet £140
V455 1796LC Officers B&G blade no scabbard rings £825
V456 1796HC troopers sword £1695
V457 1821LC troopers sword unmarked £450
V458 1827 Rifle Reg Officers sword Major Baines 49th Middx Rifle Vols £375
V459 1902 Wilkinson Patent hilt to 5th Dragoons Guards no 39517 £1200
V463 Victorian RN Flag Officers sword £795
V464 Early Victorian 1827 Patt Naval pipeback sword £825
V465 18thC Hunting sidearm £450
V470 Superb 1796 Infantry officers spadroon B&G blade £1425
V471 1805 Patt RN Warrant officers spadroon £525
V472 Japanese WW2 Officers Katana £645
V478 WW2 Kleewang £195
V480 1831 Patt French Artillery sidearm £175
V481 Victorian police hanger marked No 67 £285
V483 French 1845 Patt infantry sword no chape £225
V484 Georgian officers gilt gorget £450
V488 1831 pattern French sidearm £185
V489 Swiss 1899 pattern cavalry sword £225
V490 Early 19C French hunting dagger, no chape £265
V494 Victorian 1897 Pattern Wilkinson no 45446 £295
V495 1885 Pattern cavalry troopers sword £375
V496 RA officers sword GRV R Mole £275
V498 1853 Pattern cavalry troopers sword n/s, no grip £95
V506 1796 Pattern Infantry Officers spadroon n/s £200
V508 Victorian 1845 pattern Infantry Off sword £350
V509 Victorian Police hanger VGC £325
V510 1856 pattern pioneer sawback sidearm n/s £245
V511 1805 Pattern RN officers sword, chape absent £550
V512 1751 Pattern military hanger Carnarvon Militia £525
V513 Massive continental sidearm in scbd £225
V518 1827 Pattern Rifle Regt officers sword GRV £295
V519 1912 Pattern cavalry officers sword £425
V520 1827 Pattern Rifle Regt Wilkinson Off prestn sword Maj Vickerman £595
V521 RNR officers sword Gaunt VGC £495
V522 Japanese WW2 Arisaka bayonet (3 available) £120-150
V523 1856 pattern pioneer sawback sidearm n/s £225
V524 Prussian 1889 Pattern Inf officers sword £325
V525 Ed VII Court sword with knot - named to Sir Norman Lamont £375
V526 Court sword £95
V527 VR 1845 Patt officers sword, family crest, n/s £145
V528 VR 1845 Patt Hamburger £295
V529 Georgian 1805 Patt RN Officers sword - Read £795
V530 RN Officers sword Firmin £425
V531 Fine 1796 Infantry Officers spadroon Prater £1275
V532 19C Court sword in vellum scabbard £195
V533 Borneo dyak - marked HKB £60
V534 Two Leinster Regiment embroidered fire screens £150
V535 Victorian 1845 pattern presentation sword to Captn Hirst £550
V536 1885 Patt Cavalry Troopers sword £375
V537 VR piquet weight 1895 pattern £265
V538 European socket bayonet n/s £50
V542 RA Officers sword initials JCB £275
V544 French 19C naval officers spadroon £325
V545 RA Officers sword R Mole £295
V546 1821 Pattern LC Officers sword Hamburger £325
V547 Georgian lion head sidearm chape and frog button missing £395
V548 1827 Patt Rifle Regt Officers sword Thurkle fair £235
V551 Pair 1821LC swords converted to cutlasses Reeves & Mole £185 each
V552 VR 1845 style hilt with RP cypher (Indian Police ?) £295
V555 GRV 1897 Patt Gaunt late Thurkell VGC £395
V556 Third Reich Army Officers sword Eickhorn £425
V557 Third Reich Army Officers sword Eickhorn £425
V560 EIC 1822 pattern pipeback n/s £475
V561 1805 Pattern RN Officers spadroon £475
V562 1912 Officers cavalry sword Manton (India) £395
V563 VR Police hanger £265
V564 VR Police hanger £295
V565 WW2 Kleewang £195
V569 Georgian Land Transport sidearm n/s £245
V570 1831 Pattern French artillery sidearm VGC £215
V576 Georgian brass hilt hanger (similar to 1751) in scbd, no chape £495
V577 WW1 German butcher bayonet VGC WKC 1918 £160
V578 Unusual 19C British bayonet - small scale 1856 ? £175
V579 1879 Pattern Artillery s/back byt n/s £275
V580 Small scale 1821LC or Artillery sword named and dated 1880 £395
V581 VR Scots B/hilt Highland rifles n/s £625
V582 VR S.Staffs Regt Officers sword Wilkinson no 27763 John Carter £525
V583 Rare British/American slotted hilt hanger with scabbard £1200
V586 Eickhorn Fire Service dagger with knot £495
V588 1828 Pattern VR Scots Officers b/hilt £695
V589 Antique miniature childs cavalry sword £195
V590 1885 Patt Cavalry troopers sword Wilkinson £375
V591 1885 Patt Cavalry troopers sword n/s £195 (2 available)
V598 18C silver hilted small sword trefoil blade £495
V599 1796LC troopers sword Woolley, unit markings £725
V604 1796LC style Flank officers sabre £995

New Stock as at 15th April 2022 15 April 2022

V327 19C Swiss Infantry officers sword £295
V328 1853 pattern Cavalry Troopers sabre £475
V332 German Third Reich NCO sword £225
V336 Massive European sidearm 19C n/s £240
V337 1831 French Artillery sidearm £240
V338 1796LC officers sabre etched blade £1195
V339 Superb 1796 Inf Officers B&G blade Woolley £1750
V340 18C hunting hanger n/s £375
V344 18C shell guard hunting hanger, scabbard missing chape £395
V347 Gurkha kuhkri - numbered £95
V349 German Third Reich Army Officers dagger £395
V352 18C Scots short sword n/s £295
V357 1822 Pattern General officers sword n/s £395
V359 1822 Pattern General officers sword n/s £395
V365 1821 Patt Cavalry sword £325
V366 1897 pattern GRV Inf sword Wilkinson 63998 £325
V368 1845 patt VR Sergeants sword marked \"3THE\" £450 Resvd
V369 Indonesian kris £85
V374 20C Court sword n/s £85
V377 1908 Pattern troopers sword Wilkinson £425
V378 Asian machete horn handle skin scabbard £175
V380 Khyber knife - long blade £195
V383 1856 pattern Pioneer sawback sidearm £395
V384 19C German court sword etched blade, emblem missing £150
V385 1897 Pattern Inf sword, poor £120
V386 German Officers sword/sabel Eickhorn £195
V387 rare Georgian cutlass with scabbard £695
V388 German made 19C cavalry sword (US export) £295
V391 1821 Pattern RA sword £265
V392 1845 Pattern Inf Off sword Grindlay £315
V393 RE Officers sword (1897 Pattern) Thurkle £325
V394 VR General Staff officers sword Phelps Culcutta £525
V398 Superb early VR naval officers sword Guy Eames £595
V402 1821 Pattern RA Officers sword Johnstone £295
V403 early 19C German cavalry sword by Knecht £575
V404 1912 Pattern Cavalry Officers sword £460
V405 Superb 1798 Pattern Scots b/hilt n/s £1795
V406 1853 Pattern cavalry sword n/s £225
V407 19C French cavalry sword n/s - road kill or sat on by horse £95
V415 Three Kris £50 ea
V416 VR Naval officers sword - double fuller blade n/s, fair £195
V417 African sword and powder flask £85
V419 20C Wilkinson RN Off sword not numbered exc dark etch £475
V420 1796HC Troopers sword by Gill - langets and full disc hilt £2100
V421 c1800 Georgian sabre with presentation inscptn 31st Regt scbd fit poor £1150
V422 1803 Patten Inf Off sword plain blade £975
V423 1803 Pattern Inf Off sword blue/gilt blade £1100

New Stock as at 9th March 2022 9 March 2022

All with scabbards unless marked n/s. British unless stated

V325 French 1830 sidearm (coup choux) chape absent £145
V324 French 1830 Sidearm (coup choux) £195
V323 Victorian Rifle regt Officers sword £325
V319 18C French hunting hanger with S&K blue/gilt blade £1195
V313 Imperial German Artillery officers sword - grip AF £275
V312 1912 Pattern Cavalry officers sword 5th Dragoon Guards n/s £265
V311 Indian Mounted Artillery sword £525
V308 Victorian Sergeants sword (LC style hilt) superb blade £465
V307 European 18thC cavalry sabre "vivat hussar" fair condition £395
V306 1845 pattern VR Infantry sword, average £225
V305 RASC Officers sword Presentation to Capt Almond 1919 £395
V304 1912 Pattern cavalry Officers sword Wilkinson plated blade n/s £245
V301 Rare 1897 Pattern Infantry sword Edward VIIIth £595
V298 circa 1830 Life Guards Officers sword Prosser £795
V297 Household Cavalry troopers sword MOLE 1882 Long Pattern £795
V296 Household Cavalry troopers sword 1888 Pattern £675
V295 Household Cavalry troopers sword 1892 Pattern £675
V294 1908 Pattern Cavalry Troopers sword £475
V293 1912 India Pattern Cavalry Officers sword Wilkinson near mint blade £595
V292 1885 Pattern Cavalry Troopers sword WKC £425
V290 1899 Pattern Cavalry Troopers sword Leather covered scbd Wilkinson £750
V289 1882 Short Pattern Cavalry Troopers sword MOLE 2 side rings on scbd £850
V288 1890 Pattern Cavalry Troopers sword £495
V286 1899 Pattern Cavalry Troopers sword £450
V285 1908 Pattern Cavalry Troopers sword RHA badge on bowl £525
V284 1908 Pattern Cavalry Troopers sword £435
V282 Scots Xhilt GRV in field service scbd £525
V281 1788 Pattern LC Officers sword Gill, fair condition £725
V279 French 1822 Pattern Officers Cavalry sabre £335
V278 19C German cavalry sabre £325
V277 French 1821 Pattern Infantry sword Klingenthal 1823 £325
V276 1827 RN officers pipeback sword scbd repair RESVD
V275 1827 RN officers pipeback sword maker Johnson £825

New Stock at 5th February 2022 5 February 2022

All with scabbards unless marked n/s. British unless stated

V273 Georgian long cutlass/sidearm in brass mounts £475
V267 Indian Mounted Artillery Sabre by MOLE £525
V259 Fencing rapier style sword by Leon Paul in scbd
V254 1796 Heavy Cavalry dress sword n/s £225
V251 Scots B/hilt Wilkinson GRV Cameron Highlanders £895
V250 19C Swiss sawback sidearm - exc quality £395
V247 19C Indian police sword - named £295
V236 VR Rifle reg sword, fair £265
V232 Austrian Jager short sword 1907 pattern £225
V231 Austrian Jager short sword 1861 pattern £250
V230 Austrian Infantry sword by Bittner £295
V228 Heavy Austrian 1869 Pattern cavalry sabre £495
V220 French cuirassers sword Post Napoleonic £525

New Stock List 4th February 2022 4 Feb 2022

All with scabbards unless marked n/s. British unless stated

V05 French LC Officers circa 1830 sword engraved blade £825
V06 German 19th C Degen £275
V08 1827 Pattern Rifle Officers sword, ERVII era £295
V16 1821 Patt LC Officers sword with maroon grip (Indian service ?) £395
V18 HAC officers sword £350
V19 Georgian sabre lion head pommel n/s £450
V30 Victorian Artillery Officers sword £275
V33 1897 Pattern GRV era Army and Navy £295
V37 1897 Patt GRV era London made £275
V38 1845 Patt Victorian Firmin £335
V42 Two Victorian Police hangers - Northumberland Constabulary n/s £225 each
V43 1796 LC officers sword square langets n/s, blade flaw £475
V46 1845 Patt piquet bladed sword Pillin £325
V47 1897 Patt GRV era £265
V49 Royal Engineers brass hilted sword Monmouth Militia £525
V54 1897 Patt GRV era £195
V55 1821 Patt RA sword Wilkinson £325
V56 1845 Patt VR Buckmaster £325
V57 1827 Patt VR Rifle Regt Jacob £295
V60 1845 Patt VR Ranken Culcutta £375
V61 1845 Patt VR Sutherland nice quality £495
V62 Georgian naval cutlass/prison hanger n/s £395
V66 Georgian 1805 Naval warrant officers sword £525
V69 1845 Patt VR era £325
V70 19thC German States Officers sword £360
V81 Superb gilt mounted Georgian officers sabre £1700
V85 Superb VR mint blade Lancs RA officers sword named Lt Col. £750
V87 RN 1827 pipeback sword n/s £395
V89 1796 LC sabre Woolley n/s £375
V90 French LC Officers sword circa 1830 Garde Nationale Cheval etching £995
V96 19C German cavalry sword etched blade £325
V99 1892 Patt Artillery Officers sword Ed VII Hamburger £325
V103 Victorian Police hanger £225
V107 1845 Pattern VR sword by Milton £345
V108 1897 Patt Ed VII £275
V116 Indian Cavalry Trooper sword dated 1891 £450
V117 1885 Patt Troopers sword marked Wilkinson and Mole £395
V118 GRV RA Officers sword £285
V119 1830 French artillery short sword (Coup choux) £215
V121 1821 Pattern LC officers sword £295
V122 RA Officers sword £285
V124 Unusual S American hanger bowie style blade German made £425
V129 South African RA Officers sword £245
V139 19C European cavalry sword n/s £125
V140 Victorian sword - Indian made - heavy blade n/s £175
V141 Superb continental hunting hanger n/s £575
V142 1796 LC Officers sabre £925
V144 Victorian Rifle Vols officers sword £295
V146 Heiho - WW2 modified Kleewang £215
V149 European small sword Tomas Aiala Toledo blade £395
V153 19C Cavalry sword - German made poss for US market £325
V159 1908 Cavalry Troopers sword Enfield £450
V161 Georgian 1805 Naval warrant officers sword by Read Portsmouth £675
V162a Superb Georgian spadroon with engraved blade £1395
V163 Georgian spadroon with engraved blade £1100
V165 1796 Infantry Officers sword n/s £225
V167 1897 Patt Inf officers sword by Alkit marked 2 CLY £275
V168 1897 Patt Inf officers sword Cater £195
V171 Victorian Police hanger Parker Field £275
V172 1831 Pattern mameluke hilt AF £450
V173 1845 Patt Inf off sword with owners initials £375
V178 1845 Patt Victorian Inf off sword £295
V179 1803 Patt Inf Off sword - hilt part missing n/s £245
V185 1751 British Militia hanger by Craven Huntingdon marked £625
V187 1845 Patt Victorian Inf off sword exc cond £425
V188 1845 Patt Victorian Inf off sword £275
V189 Wilkinson RA Officers sword £275
V190 1845 Patt Victorian Inf off sword £325
V191 1888 Lee Metford bayonet £110
V193 1856 Pattern Yataghan style bayonet £150
V203 Victorian RA sword £275
V204 Victorian RA sword £225
V205 1908 Cavalry troopers sabre painted khaki South African issue £395
V207 1912 Cavalry Officers sword scabbard AF £325
V209 1827 RN early pipeback officers sword fighting blade with faults £395
V211 1899 Pattern Cavalry Troopers sabre £450
V215 French Cuirasser sword exc blade post 1815 £425
V216 French 1822LC sword dated 1830 grip AF £295
V218 Victorian Rifle Officers sword £295

812b 1821 Pattern Heavy Cavalry Officers sword - wrong scabbard £350
811a London Scottish swagger stick £55
810 1796 HC Troopers sword £1425
808 Wilkinson Heavy Cavalry Officers sword 26674 (1884) to Major H.Hoare £795
801c Georgian sidearm with scabbard £475
797 Victoria police hanger
791a 1885 Patt Cavalry troopers sabre £350
790 1845 Patt Infantry officers sword
789a 20C Wilkinson Brunei Officers sword and militaria
785b 1796 HC dress sword n/s
783b 1845 Patt Wilkinson 24303 (1881) Officers sword
782c Steel small sword trefoil blade Woolley Birmingham £295
782a VR Police hanger n/s
778b 1897 Patt GRV Officers sword
778a Georgian hanger - hospital warders
777e VR 1821LC officers sword Hawkes
774c 1827 RN officers VR sword Bond
773 Wm IV 1822 Patt Inf officers p/back sword
772 1796LC style sword n/s
770f VR Customs officer sword n/s
770b 18c small sword n/s
767 1796 HC dress sword n/s
765a VR cutlass bayonet n/s, fair
764h 1912 Patt Cavalry Officers fair
761b 1821 LC Officers VR Hamburger
760 18C small sword n/s
755 VR Rifle Reg Officers sword Kenning
752d 1845 Patt VR Officers sword with superb captured French blade
746c Georgian Flank officers sword in steel/leather scbd
742b 1827 Pattern RN Officers sword £550
739b William IV 1822 Pattern Officers sword
736d Georgian Grenadier officers sabre
735b US M1917 cutlass replica