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1803 Pattern Officers Infantry sword

By Woolley and Deakin. Named on blade and back edge. Scabbard top mount later engraved Lieut. Charles Parker to JH Toyne Esq AD 1848. Also engraved on hilt backstrap. In very good overall condition with good areas of blue and gilt. Leather scabbard in VG condition. Small gap between hilt and scabbard - could be fixed by addition of leather washer. Length 89cm; blade 78cm

Code: 50164

1395.00 GBP

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The British Cavalry sword 1788-1912 Companion volume

By Richard Dellar
The Companion Volume is not a ‘stand-alone’ independent book but is designed to be read in conjunction with The British Cavalry Sword 1788-1912: Some New Perspectives. The Companion Volume extends and updates several, but not all, chapters in the main book.

Code: 50163

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The British Cavalry sword 1788-1912

by Richard Dellar
"The best book on British military swords since Robson... people will be looking it up in 'Dellar' for years to come"
Chris Allen, Bonhams

Code: 50162

60.00 GBP

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French Cuirassers sword c1850 with 1815 blade

Superb early blade on a rehilted 1850s heavy cavalry sword; no grip wire; hilt could be polished if desired

Code: 50161

645.00 GBP

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George V Royal Artillery sword

In brown field service scabbard; exceptional condition with just minor foxing to the blade
Length 102cm, blade 84cm

Code: 50160


1885 Pattern British cavalry troopers sword

Blade by WKC Weyersburg Kirschbam & Co. Has wear overall with some scabbard dents. Brown paint on hilt may be original for field service.
Length 104cm, blade 89cm

Code: 50159


1822 Pattern British Infantry officers sword

Superb example from the Victorian era. Maker/retailer Sexton Dawson St Dublin. Gilt on hilt in excellent condition, includes black leather hilt liner and tied sword knot; excellent blade which has several edge nicks - from combat or play ?
Length: 107cm, blade 90cm

Code: 50158


Early British heavy cavalry sword c1760-90

early sword with superb hilt - similar design to 1788 pattern but possibly earlier. Even patina overall, heavy wire grip binding
Length 107cm; blade 90cm

Code: 50157

995.00 GBP

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Georgian Midshipmans dirk 1805-1810

Very long curved dirk with good amount of original blue and gilt decoration; anchor set into crossguard. Some movement of crossguard but could be easily remedied. Length 56cm; 46cm blade

Code: 50156

1175.00 GBP

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Two fighting knives converted bayonets

A Canadian Ross WW1 bayonet and a German K98 bayonet converted to fighting knives. Will split if required £50 each

Code: 50155


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